Destinations with purpose

REimagine unlocks the potential of destinations where people, businesses, and communities connect.


Shepherd’s Bush Market

Our team has been working together for decades in various guises but Shepherd’s Bush Market is our first operational project realised by REimagine.

A 109-year-old market on which we are working with Yoo Capital to rejuvenate the market to ensure that it remains to be the heart of W12 for future generations.

Our work ranges from day-to-day operations, strategic advice to the development team, and the creation of a Market Academy where we provide support and training to new and established businesses with the goal of reducing the barriers and risks between having an idea, trying it out in our flexible, plug and space spaces and growing beyond.

What we do

REimagine works with trusted investors, developers, and operators to build agile operational strategies that focus on the creation of local connections, guided by culture and heritage.

Our team approaches each project from the ‘street’ up, prioritising difference, authenticity, resilience, and flexibility.


We deliver value at every stage of the journey from idea to operation.

  • Opportunity Evaluation

  • Concept Development

  • Operational Model Development

  • Market & Event Production

  • Strategic Asset Management


Chris SmithVision + Planning + Feasibility

Chris Smith is a far-reaching property consultant who brings a wide-ranging set of skills and knowledge bases to the industry. Having been the Director of Events for Secret Cinema early on he understands how things actually operate as well as how to plan and consult on large development projects. Understand each level of the property industry and how to connect them together effectively.

Rob MachinFinance + Management + Operations

Rob Machin started out in London working in a food truck slinging the country’s best « Bleecker » burgers across London. After this, he jumped on the street food wave working as part of KERB’s founding team. Helping to grow KERB from a small operation to eventually taking on Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden. Rob gets hospitality the most but really loves ensuring projects

Eleanor MichaelsonMarketing + Brand Strategy

Eleanor demonstrates her expertise in communications with experience across architecture, real estate, and hospitality industries. She is highly engaged in brand management, launch openings, and event activation. Work to date includes KERB, Design District, D&D and Knight Frank.

Barny RockfordMarket Operations + Infrastructure + Education

Barny Rockford is a drummer who not only loved music but also fell in love with the beat of market life. Having been instrumental in the development of Camden Lock Market, Greenwich Market and Spitalfields Market, Barny’s influencer has had a huge impact on London even running the Thames Festival for many years. He has a true passion for helping and supporting small businesses and understands the value of a market more than anyone around.

John BurtonStrategy + Leasing + Business Development

John Burton has been working in the world of regeneration and markets since the mid 1980’s.   His experience includes helping to set up and run Trinity Buoy Wharf in East London, Greenwich Market and Market Hall Swindon.  He sat on the first London Markets Board and has undertaken a large number of related consultancy studies.  He is a Chartered Surveyor who specialises in workspace, dealing with SME’s and retail markets.

Eugenia KrykunBusiness Systems + Communications + Design

Eugenia comes from marketing in the high-flying corporate world in Ukraine. After coming to the UK many years ago on some diplomatic duties and raising her family, she has found herself getting us going by sorting our marketing channels and systems across the business. She has a great eye, understands the tech, and helps us stay organized. When she is not helping REimagine create destinations she is promoting independent fashion designers from Ukraine. Check it out here: